The Callaway Series

 The Callaways were born to serve and protect! In Barbara’s new connected family series, each of the eight siblings in this blended Irish-American family find love, mystery and adventure, often where they least expect it! Each book stands alone, but for the full enjoyment of the series, you might want to start at the beginning! 

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Book One: On A Night Like This

Book Two: So This Is Love 

Book Three: Falling For A Stranger 

Book Four: Between Now And Forever

Book Five: All A Heart Needs

Book Six: That Summer Night

Book Seven: When Shadows Fall

Book Eight: Somewhere Only We Know

In addition to the above full-length novels, Barbara will be writing some novellas based around exciting events in the Callaway family, events that don’t warrant a full book but still make for a fun short novel. She’ll also use the novellas as an opportunity to bring you some romantic stories for some of your favorite friends and relatives of the Callaways. The first novella, NOBODY BUT YOU, takes place at the wedding of Max and Emma from SO THIS IS LOVE (Callaways #2) and features Max’s brother, Spencer, and a beautiful, mysterious redhead named Hallie. And it wouldn’t be a Callaway wedding without romance, mystery and a few gunshots … Hope you’ll check it out!


Nobody But You (A Callaway Wedding Novella)

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