It’s time for another wedding!

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As we head into Spring, we'll also be heading into wedding season, and this time of year always reminds me of my experiences as a bridesmaid. I stood up for three of my friends and had so much fun being part of their romantic adventure. Those special times have inspired some of the stories in my popular Bachelor & Bridesmaids series, and I'm thrilled to let you know that there's a new book out!

In FOREVER STARTS TONIGHT, Jessica is the only single mom in the group of seven friends who start out as bridesmaids and end up as brides. She feels like she's done everything out of order, getting pregnant, getting married, and getting divorced—all before she's thirty. She has been working hard to make a life for her son. She doesn't think she has time for a man, who would only make her life more complicated. Then she meets Reid McAllister, a sexy firefighter and surfer, who brings some real sparks to her life.

FOREVER STARTS TONIGHT is a sweet romance filled with warmth, tender emotion and the promise of love. I really enjoyed writing Jessica's story, and it was fun to bring all the ladies back. There are some updates on the previous bridesmaids, which I think you'll enjoy.

The last book in the series DREAMING OF YOU will be coming out next and will feature Kate and her wedding planning adventures. Kate runs her business out of an old Victorian house in San Francisco and is stunned when a divorce attorney moves into the office downstairs. She doesn't think seeing his sign will be good for her bridal business. As you can imagine, the romance between a wedding planner and a divorce attorney is going to be filled with strong opinions and a lot of fun.

I actually worked as a wedding planner for a few months back in my early twenties, and while I enjoyed helping brides plan their special day, I also ran into one too many bridezillas to continue on. I'll be using some of my experiences to help shape the story line in Kate's book.

I hope you'll enjoy FOREVER STARTS TONIGHT! I'm running a special giveaway to celebrate the new book. Comment below and you could be one of two winners to win the first 8 books in my Callaway series! Since I had a fun, cool job as a wedding planner, tell me what's the coolest job you've ever had…

Christina R says February 28, 2017

Your cover is beautiful.
I don’t think I’d enjoy being a wedding planner, I wouldn’t like getting hit with a bouquet. I will never understand why some women get so stressed out about it, you can’t control everything.

Paula Carlson says February 28, 2017

Wow, what an awesome giveaway! Would LOVE to read all of those books. I’ve read many of your books, but not the *bridesmaid* series.

Bridget says February 28, 2017

I’m definitely reading this series love everything about this book! The cover is enticing and I can’t wait to get started! Thanks for the opportunity. Love your books

Becky Rabalais says February 28, 2017

One Summer I worked as a sales clerk in a French bakery. You would think after a time the bakery items wouldn’t have any appeal. Every day something else looked interest and tasted delicious. When school began in the Fall, I almost immune lost 15 pounds from not having baked goods available. From that experience, I decided that I could never work in an ice cream shop, my real favorite food.

Lisa Rushing says February 28, 2017

I married and had kids young so I don’t have a lot of work experience but I did work for a dermatologist for a couple years . I saw some pretty gnarly and disgusting stuff. Needless to say I stopped frying myself in the sun after that :)

Yvonne says February 28, 2017

My favorite so far ❤

Linda May says February 28, 2017

I have always worked in Customer service & the best job I had was when I worked for a contact lens company. I took orders over the phone for contact lens & entered them in the computer. I worked with some great people, made some great money with terrific benefits. I would have still been working for them if they hadn’t sold the business & moved from Chicago to Atlanta, Georgia. I stll keep in touch with some people from there. Love yours books & would love a chance to win this amazing giveaway. Thanks as always for your generosity.

Tina Hairston says February 28, 2017

Oh, I haven’t read this series so would be stoked to win. I can’t say I’ve had any cool jobs but the most fun I had working was when I was a waitress. I worked in this funky little place that specialized in hoagies and then after it closed I worked in an American/Mexican restaurant. In both places, we had good music playing from either a jukebox or specific selections over the PA system. We always had a crowd of regulars like on Cheers so even when we were busy, we still had a good time, sometimes singing whatever song started playing. In the latter restaurant, I was known as the singing waitress and whenever I’d pick up an order from the window, the cooks would be singing right along with me. Since the customers loved it, management would just shake their heads, smile and let us have fun with it. Nobody every got carried away, customers didn’t suffer with slack service. Both places it was a fun atmosphere even when you were tired at the end of the day.

Congrats on the new release!

Kathy says February 28, 2017

Just to let you know how much I have enjoyed your books. The “Summer Rain Series” and the Callaways – like family.

Cheryl Hastings says February 28, 2017

I was the manager of a video rental store back in the late 80’s. I got to order movies and run promos as well as run the day-to-day stuff. It was a blast! Thanks for the chance! I added Forever Starts Tonight to my TBR list :)

Joy Isley says February 28, 2017

As a college student, I wrapped packages in an upscale men’s store. Got to meet a lot of nice guys. It was the only men’s store in my town so most residents used their products.

Kathleen Bylsma says February 28, 2017

The coolest job(s) I ever had was (1) working as an old fashioned soda jerk…I was so good at it, the store owners set up a special menu board for me! (2) My work at the blood bank: I loved working with my donors who soon became family. (3) My work in the E.R.-I was always given the touchiest cases because the patients responded to me so well…..

Linda Henderson says February 28, 2017

I’ve never had what you would call a cool job so I guess the closest would be when I worked for a resort in Durango Colorado. Since dignitaries stayed there I had to be fingerprinted for this job. I never got to meet any but my sister worked there and once got to meet Louis L’Amour and get his autograph. I was usually closeted up in my office and the only time I met guests was on the stairs when going down to pick up my mail.

jeri dickinson says February 28, 2017

I worked for a company that all I did was answer the phones and took service calls and some use of copy machine and made great money sad it didn’t last long. I would love to read all these books thanks

Victoria Harris says February 28, 2017

Back in the 70’s when I was a young lady I learned Brail visually like shorthand and to operate a brail typewriter (6 keys). This was a volunteer job as the Brail Society needed sighted people to transcribe children’s books and textbooks into Brail. This was long before computers would do the job. For 3 years I studied with a blind lady, who would proof read my work. Sadly, things got in my way and I never wrote the exam. I look back and shake my head as I was so close to finishing. Sometimes life leads in you in another direction for a reason. It really was cool to learn Brail.
PS. Going on vacation mid March and already plan to start reading the bridesmaid series…looking forward to another book escape with Barbara!

Andrea McParland says February 28, 2017

I worked in a craft supply store where I got to learn the latest trends and teach group classes.

Brenda Hahn says February 28, 2017

I’ve had many different jobs through the years. My favorite was teaching kindergarten and/or the job I have now, which is teaching two-year-olds. They’re quite a challenge but full of love. The coolest job I’ve ever had is being a mother and now a grandmother!!!

Jackie Wisherd says February 28, 2017

Would love to read your Callaway series.

Denise says February 28, 2017

sounds lovely.

the only wedding I ever planned was mine.

    Denise says March 1, 2017

    Being a mom has been the best

Caitlin says February 28, 2017

I’ve actually never had a job because I got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome when I was 14. I’ve had it ever since and have been unable to work, though I wish I could.

Rochelle L says March 1, 2017

I love my current job as a video producer. I get to work with cosmetic companies on training videos for makeup and skincare! I also produce live events, so I can relate to the crazy of being a wedding planner!

Trude Vandine says March 1, 2017

I absolutely loved this book!! The next one sounds like a lot of fun…can’t wait

Consuelo says March 1, 2017

Thanks for the chance.

Jean Frisch says March 1, 2017

I love you books. They always put me in a great mood. ^j^

Jean Frisch says March 1, 2017

I love you books.^j^

Judi Nicklin says March 1, 2017

Love your books!

Kendra says March 1, 2017

I work as a travel agent for a while. It was a really fun job and I really liked it. But some of our clints had me researching some crazy adventures they want to go on. Some made my laugh and some were quite shocking to say the least.
But I always dreamed of being a wedding planner when I was younger

Yvonne says March 1, 2017

My favorite job was working at the chip truck with my mother in law. I love being around people.

Mel K. says March 1, 2017

Hi Barbara, the coolest job I had was working in record stores. I met so many famous people. It was fun. Your books are such a delight! I’m crossing my fingers for a win.

Judy Vrancken says March 1, 2017

Worked as a Marketing Director at a Real Estate Development Company and did promotions for Shopping Centers the company owned. Also planned all the parties and later became their Graphic design artist.

Tina Clayton says March 1, 2017

Honestly. Didn’t have one. I did work in a book store for a while. That was fun i never missed a new book

Paula Brown says March 1, 2017

Always looking for a new author to read. Your post up top has me so excited to read the series. Thank you

Sharon Cohen says March 1, 2017

Another great book.

JoAnn Tuite says March 1, 2017

My first job was at a golf/country club. I worked at a drive up window on the ninth hole. I served drinks, sandwiches and snacks. It was fun.

Brandi Lawrence says March 1, 2017

A job I enjoyed was when I worked at an ice cream shop. I worked with 2 great people and we had a lot of fun times. We had regulars who came in every time we worked so they could see us because we were always happy and joking around with each other. They said that we made their day.
I like to plan things but I don’t think I could be a wedding planner. Wedding planning can bring out the worst in people. When I was planning my wedding I actually had people asks me why I was so calm and not upset about things. I just didn’t find it stressful and no reason to get upset-it won’t help anything.

Kimberly Giardina says March 1, 2017

Thanks for the giveaway – looks like a wonderful read! My coolest job was in a kitchen of a 5-star restaurant in another country working for a chef who didn’t speak my language, nor I hers, so we met in the middle at a third language we both spoke! Hilarious, stressful, educational – wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

Deana Hayes says March 1, 2017

My coolest job was working at a tourist booth over a summer. Met a lot of people who had no idea of what to expect when they crossed the border into Canada.

Elizabeth Rainbird says March 1, 2017

I have read and love all your books will never be able to get enough of them

Jenna Van Arkel says March 1, 2017

By far the coolest job I have ever had is being able to stay home and raise my kids full time! Love all of your books, Barbara!!

Patricia Cosgrove says March 1, 2017

Looking forward to it.

Nancy Jeschke says March 1, 2017

As a real job-I was a L&D RN in a high risk unit… that was fun to me. Every day was something different. One day would be a couple having their first baby… the next day would be a prisoner shackled to the gurney in full blown labor! We did it all! Vaginal deliveries to our c-sections and recoveries. And if you were pregnant with a ‘problem’ you came to us- the rest of the hospital was too scared to take care of you. Gallbladder attack-us. Fractured your leg and needed it pinned?-us We were med surgical as well as dealing with preterm labor, labor, and more! As for volunteer job -I was my daughter’s Girl Scout Service Unit planner- I did Father/Daughter dances, Mother/Daughter dances (all with dinner, DJ, favors for both parent and girl, patches, etc), Bowling, Theme Camps (weekends for girls- like Murder Mystery, 1950-sock hop for the ‘Though the Years’ – where we did tie-dye for the 70”s,etc. My girls said the camps are what they remember most! We had 125 people at these camps) So that was my own way of doing things for my girls too- then you don’t want to see their Sweet 16!

Nadine Phelan says March 1, 2017

At fourteen years old, sixty four years ago, I was a waitress in a small local diner. I had so much fun with local business employees on their lunch hour.

Cinnamon Palso says March 1, 2017

♡♡♡♡your books the characters and setting and how well you write your books makes me feel a part of the book. I can not get enough of your books you are the only author I read continously.

Theresa N says March 1, 2017


Barbara Carter says March 1, 2017

Working for the Department of Veterans Affairs. I was a pharmacy tech. I loved that I was helping veterans!

Joyce Norris says March 1, 2017

I love all of your books!

Cora Hannold says March 1, 2017

The coolest job I have had was selling Partylite. You had people host parties for you. You would set up your display, talk about the company & products. Then you took orders & tried to get other people to host parties. Nobody here wanted to host a party because they already had their person they did everything with. It was fun while it lasted. I haven’t had the chance to read any of your books yet. When I have some extra money to spend, I will have to get one of your books. What you have written in your blogs makes me very interested in your new book and the next one you have coming.

Linda. Zelinsky says March 1, 2017

Have read all your books and loved them all. Daniel’s Gift and Make a Wish were the first ones I read and have been hooked ever since.

Marcia White says March 1, 2017

Telecommunications operator for American Motors zone office in Needham MA. AM was first company in US to utilize telecommunications-1965. It was interesting and fun to be in on the ground floor and watch the progress of the utilization of computers! BTW American Motors was a great company to work for.

Deb Chudzinski says March 1, 2017

I preordered this book like I do most all of yours. Looking forward to reading it also.

nikki Elkins says March 1, 2017

Cant wait to read this book!! Love all your books.

Pat Lieberman says March 1, 2017

I love your books.

Joyce says March 1, 2017

Worked with the designer of library shelving for the Library of Congress.

Patricia Ramos says March 1, 2017

Sounds wonderful, thanks

Doni says March 1, 2017

I have enjoyed reading the series.
But Forever Starts Tonight is special.
The loved the chemistry between Jessica & Reid. Especially how they met.
It is a wonderful love story to read.
Look foreward to Kate story. It’s her turn.

Shannon Molloy says March 1, 2017

Sounds fantastic!!

Sherry Moe says March 1, 2017

The coolest job I had was when I was an Area Director for Special Olympics. It’s so heartwarming being with the athletes. They are so awesome.

Jane Sprando says March 1, 2017

I enjoy books where the “underdog” surges to find a new high.

Cindy says March 2, 2017

I milked cows at a dairy when I was in college.

Eliza Rosales says March 2, 2017

I don’t know that any of my jobs have been “cool,” but being a mom sure has some gnarly tales associated with it.

Trude Vandine says March 2, 2017

I never really had what you would call a cool job I worked at a candy company summers when I was in college.

SANDRA says March 2, 2017


SANDRA says March 2, 2017


SANDRA says March 2, 2017


Tammy Morse says March 2, 2017

I love your books they are make you feel like you are in the book. You always have beautiful covers and the prettiest colors.

Becky Rabalais says March 2, 2017

Loved reading library copies of Calloway books and enjoying Callaway cousins.

Becky Rabalais says March 2, 2017

Loved reading library copies of Calloway books and enjoying Callaway cousins.

Ann Vincent says March 2, 2017

Love your books, have been reading them for a long time.

Victoria Harris says March 2, 2017

Love love all your books! Last one read…Golden Lies…loved it!

Peggy says March 3, 2017

There were actually 2 cool jobs I had, but for different reasons. One was the manager of an ice cream store. The other one was working in a bank. Looking forward to reading your latest book!!

Joyce says March 3, 2017

Love the Callaways and all your other series too. Thanks for your wonderful stories.

Jessica Chappell says March 3, 2017

The coolest job that I have ever had would be fraud investigation for Target. Thanks!

Courtney Kinder says March 3, 2017

Bought this book and can’t wait to start reading it. Love your Bridesmaids series!! I was Assistant Manager at a Pharmacy/Convenient Store and loved my coworkers and benefits.

Sabrina Cordova says March 3, 2017

My coolest job was as a manager at a homeless shelter. It may not sound cool, but helping others is my calling and working there allowed me to share myself and make things better for other people.

Jenny S. says March 3, 2017

Thanks so much for a chance to win! These books sound great! I have pretty much always been involved with payroll and billing.

Theresa N says March 4, 2017

Sounds like a wonderful series.

Becky says March 5, 2017

I started reading your books recently. I came across “Don’t Say a Word” on Amazon when I was looking for my next book of Nora Roberts. I read the description of it. I thought I would hate to buy it and not like it. So I borrowed it from the library. I fell hard on the first chapter. I couldn’t put it down. Now, I am reading Silent Run, again, I just can’t seem to put down. But yet, I don’t want it to end either. :-)

Vanessa Primer says March 5, 2017

I have had several that all qualify. So I am going with my most recent. I was the Chair of my school’s Services and Activities Budget Committee – parts of the job were pretty fun and cool for me. I learned a lot.

Carlene says March 5, 2017

The coolest job I’ve had was as a Distance Learning Librarian. I got to help students all over the state with their research. I also had the opportunity to travel around the country to conferences and talk about the unique organization I worked for.

Julia Muscari says March 6, 2017

Just went to a wedding on Saturday….what fun to share your books with new brides!

Gladys Paradowski says March 6, 2017

My coolest job was in the bookkeeping department at a downtown bank. I operated a proof machine and everything had to balance to the penny before those of us in the bookkeeping department could leave for the day. Fun, but challenging.

Jean Frisch says March 7, 2017

I loved volunteering at the church’s roller skating rink when I was a teenager. Spinning g the records and helping little kids learn to skate long before roller blades.

Peni Anne says March 7, 2017

I once worked fir a top 10 hotel which catered to a lot of celebrities.

Pam Lowery says March 7, 2017

My favorite job was working in a Bible /School supply Bookstore. My love of books, working with the public, knowing most of our customers from either school or church, was wonderful, plus I was able to meet a lot of other really nice people along the way. And while the job or the bookstore didn’t last, the friendships between employees did, my best friend came out of that job, and each Christmas a bunch of us who worked together have dinner together, we have done this for almost 20 years, we are family.

Mary Dickens says March 7, 2017

I love the Callaway series. I can hardly wait to read more.

I used to work in an ice cream parlor. I loved it. Still love ice cream but, not so much for banana splits or hot fudge sundaes.

Theresa Morris says March 7, 2017

I haven’t had many jobs in my life, theee to be exact, but my first job and the best job I ever had was working for McDonalds! Not only was it where I met my husband (30 years) but it taught me so much responsibility & how to work hard. How to keep working. Keep busy. Leadership and team work. I have many fond memories.

Becky Halko says March 7, 2017

Coolest job I ever had was as a coat check girl and just worked for tips. When I handed over my tips to be counted and tracked, the owner was shocked. This is the largest amount any coat check girl has gotten in tips he told me. Guess the ones before me weren’t honest or I was just better than them . Luckily, I moved on to being a waittress where the bigger tips were by the summertime and nobody needed a coat check girl anymore. Worked my way through college and beyond with that job.

Melissa Cunningham says March 7, 2017

So love your books! The romance, the love story , the unforgettable characters. Thank you for great stories and for a chance to win!!

Jennifer Northcutt says March 7, 2017

This looks like a really good book. I don’t think I have read any of your books yet but looks like you have plenty to keep me busy for a bit. I would love to win your giveaway so I could have a head start and get busy reading :).

JENNY says March 8, 2017

I’m really looking forward to reading this. I do love a HEA.

Stephanie says March 8, 2017

Thank you for the chance to win all these books. I enjoy your work!:)

Rhonda Gothier says March 8, 2017

Grandma! My best job!

Brooke Delk says March 8, 2017


Brooke Delk says March 8, 2017

Being a mom!

Nikki elkins says March 8, 2017

My first job was at the local theater. I got to see all the movies for free! My pay was 2.65/hr

Mary Caglione says March 8, 2017

I loved reading all your books !!!!!! Keep up the great work. Would love to have a collection to share with all my friends and clients!!!!

Paige Gonzalez says March 9, 2017

My favorite job was only for a weekend. I helped one of my Father’s friends at an antique show. I worked in his booth the entire weekend. Needless to say I spent my entire paycheck on a women’s pendent watch. I still have it and love it to this day! I haven’t read the Callaway series yet and would love to win these books! ❤️

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