Ground-breaking Print Venture With Ingram!

HydeStreet_BlackI'm thrilled to announce that I've entered into a history-making and innovative partnership with Ingram Publishing Services (IPS). Through my new publishing imprint Hyde Street Press, I will be working with Ingram's full-service sales team to sell and distribute my NYT bestselling novels in print format around the world. Soon, you'll be able to find my best-selling Callaway series and other top-selling books in your local retail outlet. 

I've been working with Ingram for several months on this venture. Since I began independently publishing my books, I've wanted to reach the large contingent of readers who still like to browse their local bookstores or retail outlets for books, but it was a difficult goal to reach–until now. With Ingram's help, I'll be able to reach those readers, wherever they like to shop.

I think this venture is going to be a win-win-win for booksellers, readers and Indie authors like myself who have not been able to reach the print market outside of print-on-demand in the last few years. There's been a void in the market, and the larger publishers have been unwilling to put bestselling digital titles by Indie authors into print without taking a piece of the digital pie. But with my partnership with Ingram, I'll still maintain all of my digital rights. I'm very excited to have Ingram as a partner in this exciting new venture. And I'm so happy that readers will be able to get my books in any format they like from print to digital to audio! 

Here's the official release from Ingram! 


October 15, 2014

Contact: Keel Hunt 615-321-3110

 Best-Selling Author Barbara Freethy Selects Ingram to Launch Digital Best Sellers in Physical Format


NASHVILLE, TN – Ingram Content Group Inc. today announced that #1 New York Times bestselling author Barbara Freethy has selected Ingram Publisher Services to deliver her e-books in print form to readers worldwide through Hyde Street Press, Ms. Freethy's new independent publishing company.    

 “I believe in the value of both digital and physical books, and I'm very excited to be able to please my print fans around the world using the comprehensive distribution services and worldwide reach of Ingram,” said Barbara Freethy, Author and Owner, Hyde Street Press. “Through our collaborative efforts, digital books from my collection will be available in print, many for the very first time. Together, we are going to make history, bringing my indie best-selling digital books to the print world in a big way.”

The first four print titles from Hyde Street Press that will be available from Ingram Publisher Services in spring 2015 include books from Freethy's Callaway Series: On A Night Like This, So This Is Love, Falling For A Stranger and Between Now and Forever. Titles that will follow later in 2015 include two of her best-selling books, Summer Secrets, which hit #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List, and Don't Say a Word, which has spent 12 weeks on the list. Hyde Street Press plans to introduce six to eight books per year.

With more than 4.8 million e-books sold worldwide, Hyde Street Press will take advantage of Ingram's full-service publishing, distribution and inventory management services, including Ingram's print-on-demand worldwide network, to quickly fulfill demand for print copies.  

 “We’re delighted that we can help Barbara Freethy find new readers and give her existing fans new choices by offering her e-books in print form,” said Mark Ouimet, Vice President and General Manager, Ingram Publisher Services. “By taking advantage of Ingram's services, Barbara will be able to easily provide readers with the flexibility to experience her beloved books in the formats they like best. We look forward to our work with the Hyde Street Press team.”

Barbara Freethy is the author of 40 novels ranging from contemporary romance to romantic suspense and women's fiction. Traditionally published for many years, Barbara turned to independent publishing in 2011 and has since sold millions of e-books. Ms. Freethy was recently named Amazon KDP's bestselling author of all time by Amazon.Nineteen of Barbara's titles have appeared on the New York Times Best Seller List.

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Julianne Maclean says October 15, 2014

Fantastic news, Barbara! I’m so impressed by your creativity and innovation. You are a true pioneer in this field, and this is something that will surely benefit indie authors everywhere as we move into the future. Congrats to you and Ingram for putting together this new and inventive publishing model.

Barbara says October 15, 2014

Thanks! I’m excited about this partnership and thrilled to be able to get my books back in the bookstores!

Debra Holland says October 15, 2014

You go, girl!!!

Shelly Thacker says October 15, 2014

Congratulations, Barbara! What an innovative approach to print publishing. It’s a brilliant way to deliver your books to readers, without the need for a traditional publisher. Ground-breaking indeed! (I’ll bet the avenues of Manhattan are shaking a bit today. ;) Much success to you and to Ingram!

Tam Linsey says October 15, 2014

Big news for the industry! Thanks for carving the trail for the rest of us, and best of luck as you launch your new endeavor!

Elle Casey says October 15, 2014

Sounds fantastic! How can other indies get in on this is what I want to know. :)

Beth Yarnall says October 15, 2014

Yes! You’re breaking ground here. Congratulations!

Barbara says October 15, 2014

Thanks all! I think it’s a game changer for publishing. I feel like I’m crossing the final frontier, although I’m sure there will be many more new challenges to come as the industry continues to evolve.

Patrice Fitzgerald says October 15, 2014

You are truly a trailblazer. Congratulations! This is a great step for readers, and of course for writers.

I wonder who will try this next?!

Jan O'Hara|Tartitude says October 15, 2014

Wonderful news. You’re a literary pioneer!

Stacie Bloom says October 16, 2014

Congrats trailblazer! Awesome news!

Chad Grills says October 15, 2014

Congratulations Barbara! This was incredibly motivating to read. Can’t wait to see different offers for readers: i.e. buy the print, get the digital half off, or where this all goes. Congrats, and thanks for the inspiration!

Violet Blake says October 16, 2014

That is so fantastic, Barbara! Congratulations!!!

Dave's Widow says October 16, 2014

Brava! Wonderful news!!!!

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