It’s time for another wedding!

Congrats to our winner, Tina Hairston! Please email to claim your prize! As we head into Spring, we’ll also be heading into wedding season, and this time of year always reminds me of my experiences as a bridesmaid. I stood up for three of my friends and had so much fun being part of […]


New Book and Movie Tie-In!

SWEET SOMETHINGS, my brand new book, is being released on January 17th, and it’s part of an exciting movie collaboration. So here’s what happened… About a year and a half ago, I was approached by a movie producer and asked to consider writing a book set in the world of their sweet romantic movie titled […]


Welcome to Barbara Freethy’s Online Holiday Party!

Our winners are April Hauf and Patricia Grey! Congrats, ladies. Please email to claim your prize. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Hello, and welcome to my online holiday party! Today 16 of my favorite romance author friends will be stopping by to share a video greeting and offer special giveaways to my readers. […]


CLOSER TO YOU – Christmas and Romance – What could be better?

Congrats to our winner, Judy Forte-Brown. Please email to claim your prize! This month I have a brand new book, and I’m taking you to the Lake Tahoe winter wonderland where the brilliant, sexy scientist Ian Callaway is about to meet an equation he cannot figure out in the unpredictable and beautiful Grace O’Malley. […]


Facebook Live Video Chat with Barbara Freethy & Christie Ridgway!

  Today I am excited to announce the release of the first in a new series, LUKE! Will this restless wanderer find that perhaps love is the greatest adventure of all? Luke is just one of the seven sexy Brannigan brothers, brothers who were forced to grow up too quickly by the early loss of […]


Watch the replay of my Live video chat!

Today I talked live with readers to tell them about my upcoming books and answer their questions. Watch the replay here :)  


The Story Behind Daniel’s Gift

The question I get the most from readers is: “Where did you get your idea?” My answer is usually that ideas come from everywhere, and sometimes it’s the very tiny seed of something that triggers what eventually becomes a full-length novel. And that is very true. I am an observer of life, and I never […]


Are you ready for a summer storm?

There’s nothing like a summer rain to cool the heat and clear the air, and, in my case, solve a ten-year-old family mystery filled with secrets, murder, blackmail, betrayal…and romance, of course! To give you a little taste of SUMMER RAIN, I’ve made a cool video trailer that I hope you’ll find entertaining and intriguing. […]

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