THE WAY BACK HOME gets rave review!

My new book, THE WAY BACK HOME, got a rave review from

The book was released on June 26th and is available wherever books are sold. It is available in print and ebook! I hope you'll check it out!

“Barbara Freethy’s The Way Back Home is genius!  I looooove this story!! Gabe and Alicia have stunning chemistry and explosive emotions that make The Way Back Home a hit!  The backbone of this story is not only the beautiful romance but a plot filled with mystery surrounding the tragic accident and the tons of heart that Ms. Freethy piled into her story.

Alicia and Gabe drive this story with their powerful feelings and morality.  These two have strong beliefs.  Gabe has a strong desire to help Alicia and her family in any way possible.  Alicia struggles with her feelings surrounding the accident and how she wants to go forward with the family business.  However, their greatest struggle is attempting to deny the feelings between them.  The reader can absolutely feel the intense attraction between Alicia and Gabe.

The Way Back Home has a real feel to it.  It comes across as a story that could happen in your everyday life.  Things aren’t perfect for the couple.  There are plenty of obstacles in their way but watching these two circle each other is extremely romantic.  I love the plot, the people and Ms. Freethy’s sweet prose.  The Way Back Home is a sensual and stunning romance.”