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Lightning Lingers (Lightning Strikes Trilogy) by Barbara Freethy



When her father’s plane mysteriously disappeared in the middle of an electrical storm, Alicia Monroe became obsessed with lightning. Now a news photographer in Miami, Alicia covers local stories by day and chases storms at night. In a flash of lightning, she sees what appears to be a murder, but when she gets to the scene, there is no body, only a military tag belonging to Liliana Valdez, a woman who has been missing for several months.

While the police use the tag to jumpstart their stalled investigation, Alicia sets off on her own to find the missing woman. Her search takes her into the heart of Miami’s Cuban-American community where she meets the attractive but brooding Michael Cordero, who has his own demons to vanquish.

Soon Alicia and Michael are not just trying to save Liliana’s life but also their own, as someone will do anything to protect a dark secret…



The New York Times bestselling family series The Callaways continues with the first book in the Callaway Cousins Series, IF I DIDN’T KNOW BETTER, another heartwarming and page-turning romance by #1 NYT Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy.

Mia Callaway thought she had the perfect guy and the perfect job…until she didn’t. After a run of bad luck, Mia is looking for an escape, so she agrees to go to Angel’s Bay to clean out her aunt’s house. She has no idea that the wounded soldier next door and his adorable, but also wounded, daughter are about to change her definition of perfect. Add in stolen art, a family secret, and a town where miracles can happen, and Mia’s escape turns out to be the greatest adventure of her life.

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Lightning Lingers (Lightning Strikes Trilogy) by Barbara Freethy

Falling Into You
Bachelors & Bridesmaids #5
November 17, 2015

Lightning Lingers (Lightning Strikes Trilogy) by Barbara Freethy

Lightning Lingers
Lightning Strikes #2
February 10, 2016

Tender is the Night (Callaways #10)

Tender is the Night
The Callaways #10
March 2016


As many of you know, I am now independently publishing my books, which is exciting and fun and also a tremendous amount of work. But I love being able to bring my readers more titles more frequently! In a little less than three years, I’ve sold over 5 million ebooks! And I recently learned that I am currently the Amazon KDP Bestselling Author of All Time! I'm happy to share what I've learned. Check out my resources for writers here.


Are you an audiobook fan? The Callaway Series and The Wish Series are now available in audio. Check out the audio samples here! Purchase your copies here:

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