Firefighter Burke Callaway has been living in the shadows since the tragic death of his fiancée. He had no interest in coming out of the dark, until the beautiful and unpredictable Maddie came back to town.

Maddie Heller is the ultimate free spirit, her love of life and cooking taking her all over the globe, and only a few people know that her easy smile covers a personal tragedy. With a new job offer in San Francisco, Maddie thinks it might be time to stay in one place, especially when she runs into Burke again.

Burke was the handsome, sexy hero of her youth, who could do no wrong. Maddie was the pretty, fun-loving girl of his youth, who loved to break the rules. They were opposites in every way, but there was always a connection. It was just never the right time or the right place—until maybe now.

But their budding love story suddenly takes a dangerous turn, and a series of escalating incidents makes them realize that falling in love might not just be scary but also deadly.

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I’ve entered into an exciting partnership with Ingram Publishing Services to sell, print and distribute my bestselling novels in print format to book retailers around the world! Today, the first book in the Callaways, ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS, hits the shelves. I’m thrilled to announce that I’m getting great support from Target, B&N, Hudson Booksellers and more to bring my books to a physical store near you. The print books are also available at online retailers like Amazon, Books Inc, Powells, Indiebound, and more.


If I Didn’t Know Better Callaway Cousins #1
August 26, 2015
pre-order on iBooks

Beautiful Storm Lightning Strikes Trilogy #1
October 1, 2015
pre-order on iBooks

Falling Into You
Bachelors & Bridesmaids #5 November 17, 2015

Lightning Lingers (Lightning Strikes Trilogy) by Barbara Freethy

Lightning Lingers
Lightning Strikes #2
February 9, 2016


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